People love bread

Today I learned that people love bread.

Why does everyone stock up on bread,<br />milk and eggs just before<br />a snow storm? Is there<br />something about snow<br />that people crave<br />french toast?On Friday, a big snow storm was announced for Sunday with claims of up to 12 inches expected in some areas. In serious need of food for the weekend, my boyfriend and I found ourselves among what seemed like the entire population of Indianapolis shopping at the grocery store. Instantly, we knew we had made a mistake. So many frantic people were already preparing for Sunday’s storm and food was flying off the shelves.

By Saturday, things were worse. Realizing we didn’t have any milk, I opted to try a convenience store where I found just four gallons of skim milk left on the shelf, but a shorter line. In comparison, photos of Mejier and Walmart were much worse. Photos of empty shelves and lines 50 people deep filled my Facebook newsfeed. 

(In all fairness, this was in part to the snow, and in part because Meijer bought the remaining Colts tickets and prevented a blackout for the playoff game Saturday.)

I get it, bread is an easy solution if the power goes out, but don’t people have that on hand normally? Are there no other solutions? Maybe you can eat cereal? The eggs are even more confusing, you can’t cook eggs if there is no electricity, so what’s the point of wasting your time on them?

The irony.


2 thoughts on “People love bread

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